Halloween at the Bark

Stacy (my step-mom who has done everything in her power to support me God bless her) decided to host her second annual Halloween "parade" I think it was. All the dogs came dressed in full costume, entered to win prizes, and were showcased around the plantation shops! It was really cute. I unfortunately couldn't bring my pooches because there are too many of them. However, Jersey does have a very beautiful Giesha dress! AND would have won that contest I have no doubt!!! Anyway, back to the story of the night. Stacy also set up a small photo taking area for people to purchase photos of their costumed hounds :) it was a very fun, and very exhausting night. Here are some photos of the parade :)


Sooo much to tell

The month of October has been a whirlwind for me. I never expected to have 3 weddings in one month, but that's exactly what has happened. I've had three weddings, a small magazine cover shoot and a very eventful night at Bark Avenue. I apologize for the lack of blogging here lately but I've barely had time to have a life these past few weeks. Photos from the new weddings will be coming soon!!! :)


Love, & Commitment..... in different shapes and forms are still Love and Commitment

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a Union Ceremony. This couple were so much in love, and so dedicated to each other. I had more fun working at this ceremony than any other I've done in the past. Everyone there was just amazing, they were laughing and cutting up the whole day. Nothing was stuffy and with the wedding being at a very popular and upscale venue in Amelia Island you would think that it would have been anything but laid back. There was more love in the eyes of these two individuals than anything I have ever seen before.

My clients opted to remain anonymous so I'm not allowed to use their faces in the photos, I still have some beautiful shots that I wanted to share with everyone here...