My Rockstar Seniors

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting two extraordinary senior girls. I had done photos for a friend of Jamie's and she contacted me at the beginning of summer asking about senior sessions. It was months before I heard back from her regarding the session. So back in July when summer was in full swing we met up in the center of San Marco to do photos, just so happened it was raining off and on that day. These two girls sat with me in starbucks in San Marco and told me they didn't mind getting wet and they still wanted to do photos if I was alright with it. I immediately fell in love with these girls they are so beautiful and so full of life, we had a great time skipping up and down the sidewalks of San Marco in the rain, got photos with some very dark gloomy clouds overhead, the session and the photos were bar none my favs thus far. You can see the first session my my MySpace Page. Since their first session was cut short by the bad weather we agreed to reschedule the remainder of the shoot for another day. School started back for the girls and they both work so it's taken this long to get the second half of the shoot done. FINALLY we coordinated our schedules and completed their senior session. These girls are amazing, and beautiful and are simply a joy to photograph.


Jillian & Austin In Love

Months ago when I started my business I never thought that I would have clients that do business with me many times a year. You may remember Cilla from a previous post. It was her second shoot with me. Same story with Jillian. Her first shoot was to help me out. I had just gotten studio lights and backdrops and honestly had no subjects to test them out on. So, in the lovely world of myspace I sent out a message to all my friends asking for help. Jillian replied. We ended up having a pretty fun time at my house set up in my massive livingroom doing test photos. They came out so good that she has since referred many clients to me and booked a session for herself and long time boyfriend Austin. We went to the lovely downtown Amelia Island where I seem to be doing a lot of work these days (very happy to be working up there, more an observation, Hubby is worried that I'll want to move soon)

We walked all over the beautiful historic downtown area and took some shots of Jillian and her Love. There were about 50 or so that I found as favs, I've only posted 5 here to save space. You can see the rest of them on my MySpace Page :)


Wilson & Gracie

My Step Mom, Stacy Cruikshank is the owner of Bark Avenue Pet Boutique in Amelia Island, FL. Her shop is located in the spa and shops of the Amelia Island Plantation. It's an awesome little store with tons of fun stuff for your pets. The spokes models for Bark Avenue are my little brother and little sister Wilson and Gracie. Having a family member with a photography business is of great benefit, now Stacy can have seasonal photos of her models to put up on her website year round. :)

I had a couples shoot in Down Town Amelia yesterday and called Stacy a few days before telling her that if she wanted to do a quick shoot of the dogs in their Halloween costumes that I'll stop by the house before my shoot and grab a few shots. Wilson is going to be a little devil brandishing horns and all. Fittingly little Gracie is a white winged Angel!

Here is their photo that's up on the Bark Ave site now!! Aren't they adorable!!!!!!

Don't you just love their little costumes!!!! BTW you don't have to live in or near Amelia to visit Bark Avenue. The website is fully functional and Stacy ships to anywhere in the United States so be sure to check out the site!!!!!

October 26th 2007 Stacy is hosting a Halloween Parade, all the dogs will be dressed up in their costumes and will parade around the spa and shops. I'll be there taking photos for the store and possibly have a booth set up for those who want personal photos! Visit the site for more details, come on out and join us!!!!


The Car Scene

As many of my close personal friends know I'm very very much into cars. Wait correction I'm very very much into Mustangs and only semi into other cars. NOPI Nationals was this past weekend and a friend of mine asked me to do some photos for him of his MR2 so he would have something to display. (his wife designs albums check her out... Once Upon A Memory)

So, I've never taken photos of my car and have done limited work for a local car team Kindred Impulse. When Daniel asked me to do his photos I was excited and nervous, I love the challenge of doing new things but also was a little worried I would disappoint my friends.

Daniel wasn't disappointed in fact he was very happy and displayed the photos in his album on his car at NOPI Nationals in Atlanta Georgia this past weekend. I've chosen a few to share here with everyone...


Jake and Rae's Engagement Photos

So, my friend Rachel of reel bijoux got engaged this year and their wedding is in November. They didn't have an engagement photo, so since Rae makes me jewelry for my photo shoots and expos I offered to do some photos of them in exchange for her services. Rachel and Jake are so very in love and so very cute. Rae is an extremely talented artist as well as art teacher at a local middle school, Jake is the complete opposite. He's got the technical knowledge and she's got the creativity. It's quite like my husband and I, maybe that's why I like them so much! Here are a few of my fav's from their shoot.


Graduation photos

I'm hoping to one day to graduate with a BFA. My hat's off to those that got scholarships and finished school. Miss Barbara is one of those gals. She's born and raised in Jacksonville FL and recently graduated with her MBA!!!! I applaud her and hope to use her as a financial adviser next year. :) She wanted some unique family photos to commemorate the event, I of course was happy to oblige...


WOW Words can't even describe

I'm subscribed to Scarlett Williams' blog. A photographer that I really really respect. I get an email in my inbox telling me that Scarlett has posted two new blogs. So as an avid fan I go to check them out. And I'm truly left speechless. This is one of the most powerful and amazing things I've ever seen and I wanted to share it with anyone that might happen across my blog. Just watch!!!


Miss. Pink Cilla

My ever so faithful client. I love this girl. I met her through MySpace, I built a page for my business and started to seek out friends for the page via my brother and sister. Priscilla happened to be on my brothers page as a friend at the time, I sent her a friends request she accepted. Come to find out she's in a band, she's the lead singer. She's a great Christian girl who is just a ton of fun to be around. I did some test photos for her band almost a year ago now, then some solo photos of her in St. Augustine. She's turning 20 this month and wanted some more mature photos of herself since she's officially no longer a teenager! "Naturally I'm coming to you" Priscilla tells me. We spend an afternoon through the downtown area of Jacksonville taking her solo photos. They came out so great. She's such an easy subject and the camera just loves her.