Thanks Ida!

I've been told I can thank Ida for all the rain the past couple of days... and, while I didn't enjoy getting soaked going to my car of having to clean water spots off my lenses today... I did enjoy shooting at the beach with the storm clouds as a backdrop!

There is something about shooting in the rain, I likely shouldn't like it since it's A. not good for my equipment and B. likely voids my insurance in some way shape or form but I really do enjoy the interesting photos you get with dark skys, raindrops, and rain soaked subjects :)

Last week, at Faythe's Shoot Out I was pretty excited to use my new toys for the shoot... and I'm super happy with the result! My friend Heather, had recently gotten herself a pocketwizard and flash to start learning and had some trouble with it... and well I think all of us did when we first started using them. Anyway, she asked me if I'd help her. I of course said yes she's the sister to one of my brides and it was one of the craziest wedding's I've been involved with to date!!! Anywho, Heather has become a good friend since the wedding and I love spending time with her, so after roping her into being my lighting assistant we had lunch and met up with her friend Hidi for a quick session/lesson. Now, I was mainly the "teach" as Heather says in this scenario but I did manage to pop off a few super cool shots before the rain ruined our fun!

And, is it just me or does Hidi seriously look like Nellie Furtado???
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Be sure to keep an eye out for Heather's photos oh her blog!! whitblackphoto.wordpress.com


My First Shoot Out

Yesterday I got to spend an hour at a couture shoot out put together by Faythe Mesic.... it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)

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