for u and i

Earlier this year I met a remarkably beautiful woman named Priscilla or Cilla for short. She took advantage of some specials I was doing when I first started out and vowed to be my best client, and she is! Her and her brother Keith sing in a band "for u and i" So, for the 4th time in 2007 Cilla has hired me again! this time for formal band photos. The band is a dark, Christian based, rock band; so naturally they wanted their photos to reflect who they are. I'm very excited for them, I've listened to their music and have to say they are pretty darn good! I'll be even more excited to see if one of my photos makes it onto a huge poster or flyer for the band or even the CD cover!!!! woohoo!


The BAND!!!!

More photos on on my MySpace page! Check 'em out!


Christmas at Grace

This Christmas for the first time in a very long time I went to a church Christmas Eve service. I honestly LOVE my Church!! The service was beautiful, they had the candles of Advent. At the end of the service all the members lined the Church with candles and sang Silent Night, it was soooo beautiful, and me being me snapped some photos!


I cry almost every morning

I'm an addict. I've become completely addicted to the Hallmark Channel! As a child I watched Little House on the Prairie every morning, now as an adult, I do the same! I'm NOT a morning person in the least so when I wake up around 7 I don't really move till about 8 or 8:30. Usually I angry because I'm awake so I turn on the CBS Early Show and watch it till I get hungry, then watch while I eat... I of course check my myspace during this time! Depending on my work load I get off my tush and start doing "work" related things around 9AM. However, this week I've been sick. Lay on the couch would rather be dead SICK, and I discovered that one of my fav shows, Matlock, no longer comes on after the Early Show. This has been my stay at home sick TV schedule for YEARS. Early Show, Matlock, Nap, Young and the Restless... that's just what I do when I'm ill I catch up on the Soaps! To my dismay Matlock has been replaced by the 700 club. (I'm not going to go there) so needless to say I had to search the channels to see what else was on. During this time the Mr. Rogersesq show How It's Made is on Discovery, but just two channels down I see that Little House comes on the Hallmark Channel just an hour later... So earlier this week laying on the couch giving into my cold I tuned in, and now I can't stop! Even if I'm in my (extremely disorderly) office I have the TV tuned there. The lessons the show holds for children have been known forever and I always knew it was a great show for kids but now as an adult watching the show it's much much more in depth than just the basic golden rule. My appreciation for my husband has grown, understanding of why people do what they do and act the way they do has grown, and I just feel like I learn something new every single day. I'm a sap I know! I just wanted to share in my new addiction... Like a good little addict....


News of late & Coming soon!!!!

OK the news of late, I've been sick as a dog for the past few days!! I haven't updated this thing like I said I would :( so, here we go. I've got new baby photos and holiday photos to post up either this afternoon or tomorrow so be on the look out for that (I say this like I have avid readers already lol) I did Santa Photos with Achy Breaky Ceramics this past weekend, we had about 10 clients total... Advertising is so hard when you are on a shoestring budget....

So, the baby photos, and holiday photos are coming soon... Now for the GREAT news... My Website should be finished by Christmas... I got the email for the "mockup" of the site this morning and it's wonderful!!!! I can't say enough about the guys that created it... Please be sure to check out Day Dream Creative if you need your website updated. Seeee I'm not in a position to afford a spiffy full flash site so I needed to find someone that could provide me with a site that serves my needs and is very sleek and professional... Day Dream Creative did the job... and did it well!!! the website will be up soon! I promise!