Ladies, I've got some bad news....

Wes' little brother Brent is getting hitched. Yep he's tying the knot, takin on the ole ball & chain, signin his life way....... well you get the picture.... but in about two months time he'll be officially and legally off the market... I know that a few members of my family that will be very sad to hear this news, I think every younger cousin I have fell in love with him at my wedding...

BUT! On the upside, I finally get him to pose for some dang photos for me!!!!! LOL

He's asked me to photograph his wedding, and they are not giving anyone much time to plan for it either! Oh to be young and in love.... So until the engagement shots here's a picture of Brent that I took a little while back...


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Amanda's Personality Shoot

It's totally funny to me how things work themselves out, ya know. One of the cooooolest things about my job is the relationships you build. Last year at Ash and Shawn's wedding I meet all her brides maids, naturally.... Well one of these brides maids is miss Amanda. Through having a relationship with Ashley I've developed a relationship with Amanda as well. Which is by far one of the perks of my job :D

Recently Amanda decided to put her schooling and design skills to work, and to start her own business in graphic design. Some of you might remember a while back she started "An Occasional Design" making invitations and things of that nature by hand (which were awesome btw) and she's recently made the switch over to creating things digitally to incorporate the rest of her talents. If you haven't checked her out, you'll want to do so she does great work. I know this from personal experience.... she recently designed a pamphlet for me. Now, I'm a total control freak and was worried that I wouldn't get what I was going for if I used someone else. NOT the case! I'd have never thought of what Amanda put together and I totally love it!!! It matches my site, my personality, and everything I want to showcase to a potential client!

Here is just a little peak at what she came up with for me:
For the rest you'll have to head on over to her blog! :)

Amanda will soon be launching her website, and needed some shots of her for the site... Neither of us are morning people, but we both got up like troopers and headed out to the beach shortly after day break to take advantage of the gorgeous light at sunrise (or shortly there after)

IMG_4313ab lr logo

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The girl has these beautiful sparkly blue eyes that just catch light like no body's business... I've got to admit I'm a little jealous.... LOL
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And, I always think it's super important to put your personality into anything you do, if you're starting a business, I think personality shots are the way to go vs. a traditional head shot I just think it makes you seem so much more open, friendly, and you know..... normal.... ;)
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Out of all the great shots we got that AM this one is still my fav! I want one like this for my own website!!!!!
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Ash & Shawn Anniversary Shoot (sneak peak)

Ashley and Shawn recently celebrated their one year anniversary... and what better way to celebrate than to head to Jax for a sexy photoshoot!!!! Here's a sneak peak of their session (that almost got rained out) enjoy!!!

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Amanda | sneak peak | Jacksonville Beach Portrait Photography

Yesterday I got to do one of my favorite types of sessions. An individual ladies session. These are by far my favorite types of sessions. I don't care if it's a senior girl, a model, business professional looking for personality shots for her website (like Amanda) or simply for no reason at all... They are just my fav.

Neither Amanda or I are morning people (despite me waking up this morning at 6:28 for no good reason AT ALL) so when she mentioned shooting at the beach I almost hated to inform her that the best times to shoot at the beach were early morning (before it gets hot, this is Florida afterall) and in the evening time, but, in the evening it's more crowded for obvious reasons. So, Amanda opted for the morning session. Which was likely the perfect choice because the light was absolutely georgeous, and it rained later that afternoon... LOL

So anyway, since I was up... I figured I'd post a sneak peak from the session :) Enjoy

Jacksonville Beach Ladies Portrait AR2


Kelly & Brad's Wedding

When I first talked to Kelly I knew that this was going to be a very fun and beautiful wedding to capture. And from our first meeting, their engagement session, to their wedding day I've really enjoyed getting to know these two!

Check out this stunning necklace Kelly's now Mother-in-law let her borrow that day.... so beautiful!!!!
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I loved Kelly's flowers
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This has to be one of my guys getting ready all time favs!!!
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Brad was an awesome groom to work with!
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The bridal party is made up of brothers, sisters, and a brother in law... they were so much fun!!!
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So, in the Marriott there is this pub called V. Kelly's pub.... and my bride's name was Kelly... how cute is that!
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And... again... another fav... I loved everything about this first dance... Kelly and Brad spent time learning a dance for their first dance, which is always awesome.... I'm sure you remember Amey & Amanda's coregraphed dance to "Thriller" last year! :) But Kelly and Brad had this beautiful classic feel to their day. From the colors being a simple black and white to their throw back music of the Rat Pack. I loved everything about their day.... then again there could be more than one reason for that...........
IMG_406b lr logo

Now, as some of you may or may not know, Wes and I got married the weekend of July 4th in 2006 so in a way Kelly and Brad share our anniversary weekend... (yes, I'm a cheese ball I know) BUT this isn't my point.... It's not the only thing our wedding shared. Now that you've had a chance to check out Kelly & Brad's slideshow, I'd like to share some personal photos with you...

our cake...
My dress w/black accents.... OK so it's not exact... but you gotta admit.... there are similarities!


Summer Sale 2009



The Wedding of Christina & Chris

Christina booked her wedding more than a year ago, and I think I've said this before but she was my first official destination wedding, but my last destination wedding of 2009. Funny how things work out.

Christina and Chris got married mountain side in Gatlinburg, TN... a little town affectionately called the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. The backdrop for the wedding couldn't have been more perfect. A clear view of the Smoky Mountains directly behind them, it had rained every day in Gatlinburg that week, accept on Christina's wedding day! The cabins where the families stayed were very very beautiful, fully decked out even with a mini movie theater! It was such an awesome experience.

Christina, thank you SO much for having Wes and I a part of your wedding day!

Now, for some of my favs from the day and a slideshow at the end.


Beautiful, right!




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Kati & Corey | Engagement Session

When Kati chose the song colors, as her slide show song I went through and re-edited a few of her photos with a technique I've been wanting to try for a while.

I met Kati at church years ago, she's 110% adorable and can sure work a camera. Her and Cory met at church, he's the keyboardist for the worship band at their church. They are a very funny, loving and awesome couple!

I can't wait for their wedding in November!








Revamps, again.....

Well I wanted to do these at the same time, and it'll likely only be a day or two before the blog matches the website.... so please excuse the difference between the blog and the site for a bit while it gets updated.... here is what the new logo looks like!

I'm such a dork, I was on the phone with Wes just chit chatting and instead of clicking publish preview, I clicked publish site, then couldn't find the version of my old site. So, there we have it LOL!

Look for the new blog in the next couple of days!


Kelly & Brad's Wedding (sneak peak)

Kelly and Brad tied the knot last night out at Jacksonville Beach and had their reception at Sawgrass Marriott, Kelly's colors were a very simple black and white (which I loved of course) Their wedding is actually the same wedding weekend as my wedding. Wes and I had our ceremony July 1st 2006. So when Kelly was booking she mentioned that she wasn't sure I'd be available because it was a holiday weekend, and I told her Wes and I did the same thing to our families... LOL

With out further ado.... Here are a couple of sneak peaks from their beautiful day...





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