Merry Christmas To Me!!!!!

OH!!! I have the best husband!!!!

Honestly I do!!!!

Tonight I got my gifts early... mainly cause he didn't want to wait tomorrow, and Christmas Day is ALWAYS busy for me getting around to all the family n stuff... Anyway, here is what I got...

I got a BTCup, LOL funny I know. It allows me to listen to my iPod in the car (which is something I've been wanting the ability to do) AND it syncs to the bluetooth in my phone so I can have hands free converstaions over my car speakers!!!! so super cool I can't wait to install it Friday!!!!

Oh, first I got two books I've been dying to read. I got those for the trip though so I'd have something to keep me busy and to keep me from looking over the cliffs in the mountains and freaking out! :D

Then, I got some extra large bath towels... which I love cause they wrap ALL the way around... always a plus!

Ok, next I got a really sweet desktop charger for my blackberry... it plugs into the wall and sits on the desk and cradels the blackberry so it's super cool!!!

And lastly! My final and bestest gift!!!! the ENTIRE set of FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you all how obsessed with this show I am and how much I love it... Every time we go to walmart or Target, or anywhere that has the set I stand there and long for it!!! And FINALLY I've got it!!!! I'm soooo super stoked!!!!! I think I screamed when I opened it up!!!!!

I had to share... I just opened everything like 20mins ago and I couldn't wait to tell everyone!!!!

I hope everyone's holiday is AWESOME and you all get what you want for Christmas!



Jenny, Carlos & Charlie

I love this family! They are all so cute!!!!!















Click HERE to see their slideshow

Rebekah Sneak Peak

First, YES it's ok to hate her! Secondly, this the only photo that will go on the blog with out her permission... I wanted to post one because she's so stinkin beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Her hubby is going to LOOOOOVE his anniversary gift!

Even if it is a touch late :)


Carlos and Jenny Sneak Peak

Last week Tara and I drove down to Daytona for a cute split session with Jenny and her hubby Carlos... she wanted some family shots but some hot sexy shots of them two together as well... so we started things off with a really cute and fun family session and ended with a steamy couples session! It was a ton of fun... here are two sneak peaks from our session together...




Orlando in November

is rather pleasant....

I'm in catch up mode since my trip out of town and all the things I had on my pate before I left.... I'll be launching BT's website and everything in 16 days and there is SO much to catch up on and blog about...

Since I haven't had a lot of time to do much of anything I made a little slideshow (to a generic song) of the photos I snapped while in Orlando... (Suzie our model from Orlando, her photos are up on the BT myspace page)

Also, as promised it's my 151st blog post and as the milestone marker of the 150th post on my blog I'm giving the person who answers this 3 part question correctly 25% off their next shoot with me in 2009 :D

Who was my very first blog about? What is that persons first name? and how many blogs have I mentioned this person in?


Ready to be home!

So, I didn't update my blog about what's been going on the last couple of weeks... I simply forgot and have been so busy getting ready for my trip, and on my trip that I've forgotten to blog...

On December 2nd Wes and I left the warm sunny beautiful state of FL for PA... no we aren't crazy... 6 yrs ago my mom, sister and stepfather moved there for work and I've been up there once since they moved... Obviously my Florida blood can't stand beeing in such cold! but other than that reason it's been financially impossible to get up there more than that one time. Until last week, a woman that my mother used to work with is on my myspace friends list and asked me if I'd photograph her daughters wedding... of course this wedding is in DECEMBER in one of the COLDEST states in the union! but I offered her an exchange, wedding photography for the cost of my trip and she agreed, so we packed up the Jeep and headed north.

My darling little sister and most amazing employee ever Eden and Tara have been watching my house and my babies for the past 8 days now and they have about 4 more left until we come home but boy oh boy am I ready to be home!

Wes and I have been sleeping all cuddled up like a newlywed couple again but we are ready to be in our own bed with the sea of pooches between us like usual, lol!

Yesterday I left a state 6 states away from Florida and it was 17 degrees outside, we packed our Jeep in the snow and ice wore sweatshirts and fuzzy socks in the Jeep and battled slippery mountains all going down hill. Lastnight we arrvied in South Carolina 1 state away from home. I actually winced when I saw the 95 south sign cause I knew it would be a few more days still before we could get there.

Our trip has consisted of 4 days with my mom and one wedding, and now 4 days with Wes' mom since she's on the way home... I'm looking forward to getting some photos of downtown Charleston, it's beautiful like Savannah so that'll be nice I have both my meduim format film cameras and like 7 rolls of film so that'll be nice... I feel like this is our actual vacation part of the trip. Not that being with my mom is a chore! Lord that might sound bad! I loved spending time with my family, playing cards and watching movies on a lazy sunday afternoon there isn't much better than that! But it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold there we didn't want to get out and do anything... it's 40 degerees warmer here, in a beautiful southern city so I know Wes and I will get out more and see some sights and it'll be like a little honeymoon which is nice...

OK enough rambling I suppose sorry for boring y0u... I'll have some photos to post later... I did post a few photos to my personal myspace if you are friends with me there check it out if not then add me and then check it out! LOL

See you all soon back in FL!!! Sneak Peaks of the PA wedding on the photography myspace...

**Also this post is my 150th post and if you're a loyal follower you'll know I promised to something super cool as a contest for it... I haven't decided what it is yet... but be on the look out for the 151st post and I'll announce what it is!!!! Got to get to thinkin! :D