Kelly & Brad are Engaged | Jacksonville Beach Photography

I asked Kelly & Brad the general questions about how they met, when they knew they were in love etc etc... Part of my general process getting to know the couple. When I asked the question how did you two meet Kelly's first words were not very romantic... I beg to differ, then again my definition of romantic might not be the same as everyone elses.

Kelly and Brad happened to be in the same place at the same time one night in grad school and somehow struck up a conversation with each other. They talked and danced all night, when the night was over they walked back towards their homes jumping in all the rain puddles on the way. To me, that sounds like quite the perfect meeting.

Their story Brad staying by Kelly's side for 3 days while she was sick in the hospital & Brad asking Kelly to move from New York to Florida. When Brad finally asked Kelly to marry him he drove them out to the beach to the spot he had chosen before hand and drawn a heart in the sand and the words "marry me." Going to the beach was a routine thing for them so when he pulled champaigne and glasses out of their beach bag it caught Kelly completely off guard. Brad even wrote down the exact time he popped the question!

Yeah not very romantic... ;)

They were all smiles for their engagement session, playful and loving. Brad and Kelly are a beautiful couple and I can't wait for their wedding in July!






Amanda Register said...

No, not romantic at all. Riiiight! :)

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

Beautiful Jess. What a very beautiful couple:) too

Curtis Copeland said...

Great engagement photography Jess. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Oeil Photography said...

oh Jess

these are beautiful! gorg couple too

Jess Cumbie said...

Thanks everyone for the comments on Brand and Kelly... she's soooo pretty!!! It was almost impossible to take a "bad" picture of them they were so in love....

Michelle - I hope to get to meet you one day!