News of late & Coming soon!!!!

OK the news of late, I've been sick as a dog for the past few days!! I haven't updated this thing like I said I would :( so, here we go. I've got new baby photos and holiday photos to post up either this afternoon or tomorrow so be on the look out for that (I say this like I have avid readers already lol) I did Santa Photos with Achy Breaky Ceramics this past weekend, we had about 10 clients total... Advertising is so hard when you are on a shoestring budget....

So, the baby photos, and holiday photos are coming soon... Now for the GREAT news... My Website should be finished by Christmas... I got the email for the "mockup" of the site this morning and it's wonderful!!!! I can't say enough about the guys that created it... Please be sure to check out Day Dream Creative if you need your website updated. Seeee I'm not in a position to afford a spiffy full flash site so I needed to find someone that could provide me with a site that serves my needs and is very sleek and professional... Day Dream Creative did the job... and did it well!!! the website will be up soon! I promise!