Merry Christmas To Me!!!!!

OH!!! I have the best husband!!!!

Honestly I do!!!!

Tonight I got my gifts early... mainly cause he didn't want to wait tomorrow, and Christmas Day is ALWAYS busy for me getting around to all the family n stuff... Anyway, here is what I got...

I got a BTCup, LOL funny I know. It allows me to listen to my iPod in the car (which is something I've been wanting the ability to do) AND it syncs to the bluetooth in my phone so I can have hands free converstaions over my car speakers!!!! so super cool I can't wait to install it Friday!!!!

Oh, first I got two books I've been dying to read. I got those for the trip though so I'd have something to keep me busy and to keep me from looking over the cliffs in the mountains and freaking out! :D

Then, I got some extra large bath towels... which I love cause they wrap ALL the way around... always a plus!

Ok, next I got a really sweet desktop charger for my blackberry... it plugs into the wall and sits on the desk and cradels the blackberry so it's super cool!!!

And lastly! My final and bestest gift!!!! the ENTIRE set of FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you all how obsessed with this show I am and how much I love it... Every time we go to walmart or Target, or anywhere that has the set I stand there and long for it!!! And FINALLY I've got it!!!! I'm soooo super stoked!!!!! I think I screamed when I opened it up!!!!!

I had to share... I just opened everything like 20mins ago and I couldn't wait to tell everyone!!!!

I hope everyone's holiday is AWESOME and you all get what you want for Christmas!



Ginger Dupre said...

GREAT gifts! Glad you are having a Merry Christmas so far!

Mrs. Rine said...

So what did he think about his gifts?!? I know you were super stoked about getting the Cuisinart, but what did you end up doing for #2 which you said you needed to get him? Do tell!

Christina Leroy said...

Ok, I know this is really late, but I'm completely obsessed with Friends! I have all of the seasons too, and I watch them over and over. It never gets old..lol