Family Spring Event

So, when I want to try out new things, or things that I don't typically do... I use my family as guinea pigs... LOL

I don't really do children's photography, or baby photos but when I want to try it out (and ultimately remind myself why I'm not a children's photographer) I use my family! :D

This Spring was no exception, the weekend after we got back from Georgia I set up for a nice spring/Easter event with the family. And since everyone here knows I love Miss Sydney like she was my own... I of course have a photo or her and her precious baby brother Will to show off...

First we have...... the classic baby crying photo!!! I'm not sure why but I typically get more of a kick out of these than I do the sweet photos of babies... (which again is why children's photography is not my specialty)

And this has to be one of my fav photos of Syd ever! I know I likely say that about each and every one I show of her... but you have to admit... this is sooo classically girly!!!

Overall, I think everything turned out really well and I really appreciate my family letting me try my hand at studio(ish) work..... emphasis on the ISH...... :D


Jennifer Ring Photography said...

I love the crying baby one! Oh, Jess, what did you do to him?? Lol!! And Miss Sydney is growing up too. What a cute picture of her

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

That last one is great! Too cute!

Couture Wedding said...

Love the one with the little girl! Really random! How cute!