The Sweetness that is Jamie

Totally stole her album name!!!! yep.... and... well she's going to kill me!!!! Not for that but for this........

I've decided to do two slideshows one showing a few out takes!!! Jamie was such a trooper through the nearly 3hrs it took to shoot this, not to mention the 9 hours prior that day finishing the outfit, sitting for makeup and all kinds of craziness!!!! Jamie is one of the most fun people to be around, she's got a magnificent personality and makes these faces that are just too stinkin cute!!!! so I've decided to give you a few of the funnier images I captured that day.... (btw I tossed quite a few and I'm wishing I hadn't, I haven't formatted the card yet maybe I'll get them back!!!!hahahaha)

And because blogs are better with photos...... This is only a few... to see all of them up close and personal hit up the facebook fan page and check them out!!!



And now for the real slideshow, Jamie thought it should be set to something kinda magical sounding, so lucky me I didn't have to spend ALL DAY looking for a song, like usual Showit had a preloaded song that worked perfectly!!!
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