Stan and Antoinette Are Married

I met Stan and Antoinette last September when they had just learned Stan's next Naval station would be Guam! They were planning their wedding for a year later but with this new news decided to move it up. Feeling a little rushed Antoinette wanted to get as much done before Stans upcoming deployment as possible. I honestly don't remember how she found my site but she emailed me and wanted pricing and other info.

I met with the couple at Starbucks in San Marco and we just had a good time talking to each other. They are a couple that you can definitely tell are IN LOVE! At the consultation I gave her Heather Gwinn's information because she needed a wedding planner, and about three weeks before the wedding advised her of NFC Makeup's Feb special for brides and got them together as well.

The day was beautiful!!!


Courtney Craver Photography said...

Great job! Love the slideshow!