My Day May 2 2008

Most of my mornings start off with checking myspace and watching the news while I eat breakfast and prepare for my day... Not this past Friday!!! I was asked to take part of a commercial shoot which is different for me, and I'm working on mother's day photos at the moment but I wanted to show everyone why I love my job soooo stinkin much!!!

Friday May 2nd 2008 my first order of business was to be down at the landing to meet my clients and magazine owner for a photoshoot on their neighbors yacht!!!! Oh it was soooo beautiful (I love the water, beach, lake, boats, pools anything that involves being on or in the water I love it) We passed under the bridge and beside the rail road tracks that run beside what I call the blue light bridge and I've always wanted to see that up close and take a photo of it... well thanks to my cool clients and their amazing morning jaunt down the St. Johns River I finally got me a cool photo of the tracks!!!

There isn't a job in the world I could love more than my career of choice!!!


Joshua said...

Great pictures. You are a great photographer.