Back to work now

So, tomorrow... Monday I go back to the daily grind... I pretty well took this holiday season off to get some perspective and some things together. I've made some CD cases so people will be getting nice custom cases from me instead of just a white envelope. I've come up with some business and networking plans and things like that... Most importantly I've spend time with my family, lots of time with my husband, and have started going back to the church I grew up in...

It's been a good month!

But tomorrow I've got t start getting ready for all that 2009 is going to be throwing at me. I've got taxes to prep for, more aspects of quick books to learn, and systems to set up for a new proofing system and organization systems for the office...

I also have a new printer arriving and might start offering some unique things printed in house... all in all 2009 should be a rockin year for both Jess Cumbie Photography and Breaking Tradition Studios and I'm truly really excited!!!!

I had a really great Christmas as you can read about in the previous post, Wes loved all his gifts as well, thanks to everyone that helped make that happen for me. We got a fish tank as a gift for Christmas as well that we've set up and should be getting some fishies for pretty soon so look for some photos of our new additions... Those of you who know Wes and I and have been to our house, I'm sure you are shocked that we are getting more things that eat, but we are! And I'm well aware of our level of insanity! :D (for those of you who don't know us we have 6 dogs and 4 cats!)

So, thanks to everyone that kept me sane in 2008 and here's to a Rockin 2009!!!