Amanda's Personality Shoot

It's totally funny to me how things work themselves out, ya know. One of the cooooolest things about my job is the relationships you build. Last year at Ash and Shawn's wedding I meet all her brides maids, naturally.... Well one of these brides maids is miss Amanda. Through having a relationship with Ashley I've developed a relationship with Amanda as well. Which is by far one of the perks of my job :D

Recently Amanda decided to put her schooling and design skills to work, and to start her own business in graphic design. Some of you might remember a while back she started "An Occasional Design" making invitations and things of that nature by hand (which were awesome btw) and she's recently made the switch over to creating things digitally to incorporate the rest of her talents. If you haven't checked her out, you'll want to do so she does great work. I know this from personal experience.... she recently designed a pamphlet for me. Now, I'm a total control freak and was worried that I wouldn't get what I was going for if I used someone else. NOT the case! I'd have never thought of what Amanda put together and I totally love it!!! It matches my site, my personality, and everything I want to showcase to a potential client!

Here is just a little peak at what she came up with for me:
For the rest you'll have to head on over to her blog! :)

Amanda will soon be launching her website, and needed some shots of her for the site... Neither of us are morning people, but we both got up like troopers and headed out to the beach shortly after day break to take advantage of the gorgeous light at sunrise (or shortly there after)

IMG_4313ab lr logo

IMG_4849ab lr logo

The girl has these beautiful sparkly blue eyes that just catch light like no body's business... I've got to admit I'm a little jealous.... LOL
IMG_4806ab lr logo

IMG_4867ab lr logo

And, I always think it's super important to put your personality into anything you do, if you're starting a business, I think personality shots are the way to go vs. a traditional head shot I just think it makes you seem so much more open, friendly, and you know..... normal.... ;)
IMG_4927ab lr logo

Out of all the great shots we got that AM this one is still my fav! I want one like this for my own website!!!!!
IMG_4681ab lr logo


Amanda Register said...

Such sweet words. I LOVE them Jess! I can't wait to put them on my website and get it launched. Thanks so much.

~Ash~ said...

You go girl! Lol! You did awesome!

~Ash~ said...

Oh yeah, and there are Google ads all over the damn page!

Tara said...

Amanda! you go girl! these are awesome!! Good job Jess!t