Kelly & Brad's Wedding

When I first talked to Kelly I knew that this was going to be a very fun and beautiful wedding to capture. And from our first meeting, their engagement session, to their wedding day I've really enjoyed getting to know these two!

Check out this stunning necklace Kelly's now Mother-in-law let her borrow that day.... so beautiful!!!!
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I loved Kelly's flowers
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This has to be one of my guys getting ready all time favs!!!
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Brad was an awesome groom to work with!
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The bridal party is made up of brothers, sisters, and a brother in law... they were so much fun!!!
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So, in the Marriott there is this pub called V. Kelly's pub.... and my bride's name was Kelly... how cute is that!
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And... again... another fav... I loved everything about this first dance... Kelly and Brad spent time learning a dance for their first dance, which is always awesome.... I'm sure you remember Amey & Amanda's coregraphed dance to "Thriller" last year! :) But Kelly and Brad had this beautiful classic feel to their day. From the colors being a simple black and white to their throw back music of the Rat Pack. I loved everything about their day.... then again there could be more than one reason for that...........
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Now, as some of you may or may not know, Wes and I got married the weekend of July 4th in 2006 so in a way Kelly and Brad share our anniversary weekend... (yes, I'm a cheese ball I know) BUT this isn't my point.... It's not the only thing our wedding shared. Now that you've had a chance to check out Kelly & Brad's slideshow, I'd like to share some personal photos with you...

our cake...
My dress w/black accents.... OK so it's not exact... but you gotta admit.... there are similarities!


Jenny said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love the ring shots and the silly ones- they are so cute!