Merry Christmas to Me....

So, I'm sure that most of you know by now I'm kinda a Disney freak.... I totally blame my Mom for this of course (hi, Mom love you!) But, we grew up with parents that had a time share with Disney and annual passes. I can tell you how to navigate the Magic Kingdom by heart and can recite quite a few of the classics... Ok enough about my obsession onto the point of this blog...

A few months ago....

I received a phone call from a guy named Ryan about wedding photography, which of course is odd cause usually the guy just wants to know how much it's going to cost LOL. But Ryan is a photographer in Mississippi, sports photographer to be exact. Or, at least sports and journalism is his passion. (he's also a Nikon guy, but I forgave him for that after he admitted that Canon does have a one up in some areas) He told me that he and his fiancée Kaitlyn were having a Disney wedding on Christmas Eve and would like to know if I would consider photographing their wedding. Now, at the time Wes and I had talked about spending Christmas in Disney and I told him that we were actually planning on being down there around that time and that it might just work out perfectly. We talked for close to an hour I believe, I of course loved the idea of Disney at Christmas and another Disney Wedding, making two Disney Weddings in 2009 is kinda amazing to me!

When I do the full post I'll include info about Kaitlyn and Ryan's wedding page where you'll be able to read their story and all about their wedding but for now here are some sneak peaks :)

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