Miss. Pink Cilla

My ever so faithful client. I love this girl. I met her through MySpace, I built a page for my business and started to seek out friends for the page via my brother and sister. Priscilla happened to be on my brothers page as a friend at the time, I sent her a friends request she accepted. Come to find out she's in a band, she's the lead singer. She's a great Christian girl who is just a ton of fun to be around. I did some test photos for her band almost a year ago now, then some solo photos of her in St. Augustine. She's turning 20 this month and wanted some more mature photos of herself since she's officially no longer a teenager! "Naturally I'm coming to you" Priscilla tells me. We spend an afternoon through the downtown area of Jacksonville taking her solo photos. They came out so great. She's such an easy subject and the camera just loves her.