Jillian & Austin In Love

Months ago when I started my business I never thought that I would have clients that do business with me many times a year. You may remember Cilla from a previous post. It was her second shoot with me. Same story with Jillian. Her first shoot was to help me out. I had just gotten studio lights and backdrops and honestly had no subjects to test them out on. So, in the lovely world of myspace I sent out a message to all my friends asking for help. Jillian replied. We ended up having a pretty fun time at my house set up in my massive livingroom doing test photos. They came out so good that she has since referred many clients to me and booked a session for herself and long time boyfriend Austin. We went to the lovely downtown Amelia Island where I seem to be doing a lot of work these days (very happy to be working up there, more an observation, Hubby is worried that I'll want to move soon)

We walked all over the beautiful historic downtown area and took some shots of Jillian and her Love. There were about 50 or so that I found as favs, I've only posted 5 here to save space. You can see the rest of them on my MySpace Page :)