Wilson & Gracie

My Step Mom, Stacy Cruikshank is the owner of Bark Avenue Pet Boutique in Amelia Island, FL. Her shop is located in the spa and shops of the Amelia Island Plantation. It's an awesome little store with tons of fun stuff for your pets. The spokes models for Bark Avenue are my little brother and little sister Wilson and Gracie. Having a family member with a photography business is of great benefit, now Stacy can have seasonal photos of her models to put up on her website year round. :)

I had a couples shoot in Down Town Amelia yesterday and called Stacy a few days before telling her that if she wanted to do a quick shoot of the dogs in their Halloween costumes that I'll stop by the house before my shoot and grab a few shots. Wilson is going to be a little devil brandishing horns and all. Fittingly little Gracie is a white winged Angel!

Here is their photo that's up on the Bark Ave site now!! Aren't they adorable!!!!!!

Don't you just love their little costumes!!!! BTW you don't have to live in or near Amelia to visit Bark Avenue. The website is fully functional and Stacy ships to anywhere in the United States so be sure to check out the site!!!!!

October 26th 2007 Stacy is hosting a Halloween Parade, all the dogs will be dressed up in their costumes and will parade around the spa and shops. I'll be there taking photos for the store and possibly have a booth set up for those who want personal photos! Visit the site for more details, come on out and join us!!!!


Tracy said...

Ahhh! They are SO cute!!
My fiance and I have a yorkie and we just recently rescued a poodle (not to mention the cat I got from Lucky Cats earlier this year)...

My soon to be sister-in-law gave me a pink tutu outfit for the yorkie. I think it's a riot! Chris wants to kill me for taking it... but he always puts it on her when he wants to cheer me up.
Pets are so wonderful!