My Rockstar Seniors

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting two extraordinary senior girls. I had done photos for a friend of Jamie's and she contacted me at the beginning of summer asking about senior sessions. It was months before I heard back from her regarding the session. So back in July when summer was in full swing we met up in the center of San Marco to do photos, just so happened it was raining off and on that day. These two girls sat with me in starbucks in San Marco and told me they didn't mind getting wet and they still wanted to do photos if I was alright with it. I immediately fell in love with these girls they are so beautiful and so full of life, we had a great time skipping up and down the sidewalks of San Marco in the rain, got photos with some very dark gloomy clouds overhead, the session and the photos were bar none my favs thus far. You can see the first session my my MySpace Page. Since their first session was cut short by the bad weather we agreed to reschedule the remainder of the shoot for another day. School started back for the girls and they both work so it's taken this long to get the second half of the shoot done. FINALLY we coordinated our schedules and completed their senior session. These girls are amazing, and beautiful and are simply a joy to photograph.