The Wedding Guest

That's right, for the first time in two years I was a GUEST at a wedding last night. My friend and sometimes client Liz got married last night to her high school sweet heart. Her photographer was my FAV local boy Mark Pennington.

My total crush on Mark happened when we were at a bridal show together. I was TOTALLY green, had NO clue what I was doing and signed up for a bridal show... yeah yeah ok whatever I'll do it seems like a good idea... well across the room from me there is this guy setting up his slideshow viewing station, a print about as tall as I am of a bride in San Marco... I looked across the room and instantly fell in love. I watched his slideshow all day long for two days like a dreamy little school girl!

Either the first day or second I don't remember which but before the doors opened Mark came over to talk to me and tell me about our local guilt ppsnf which I have foolishly yet to join. He actually came over and chatted with me, which with my experience of local photographers was odd the one that I knew at the time was a little less than nice to say the least. His friendliness was surprising to me, we talked about having both done time at TCA and both of us having wacky hair. His is long in the front, messy with blond streaks aroun it and at the time mine was short and black with red streaks... (oh how i miss my red streaks, I think they'll be going back in soon)

Anyway, I don't know if it was my watching every move that made it obvious who I was or if he actually remembered me but early on in the wedding I got photos snapped of me and a hello wave, then another hello wave from Joi, again, I felt like a giddy little school girl... THEY KNOW ME! It was really fun to watch other people in action... to watch Mark scan the crowd, or think that I didn't see him out of the corner of my eye snapping shots, or Joi dancing with "the stick" as she called it... It was really a lot of fun I got to dance to more than just a song or two (while my snarling husband sat back pissy, he's got issues) all in all I had a really good time!!! Thanks Liz for inviting us to be a part of your day!!!!

Edit: 10/5
Must have been the weekend for other photographers to show up at weddings. A former classmate and fellow photographer had a wedding in the same venue as me on Saturday and she knew my DJ so she stayed and chatted for a while at the reception... interesting huh! Jax is so freaking small to have such a large landmass and so many people.


Elizabeth Bowdren Photography said...

ha ha... how fun. I love your "green" remarks. How have you been!?!

Elizabeth said...

It was great to see you at the wedding! And I thought it was so funny that my mom didnt realize you were the same person that was holding the camera the night before! Ha! Maybe it was the wine! LOL And what was up with Wes? He was so grumpy! We're gonna have to work on that boy!

Jess Cumbie said...

Elizabeth - I've been dong good... it's amazing how green I really was...

Liz - I had a really good time at the wedding. Wes is almost always grumpy I guess you didn't notice cause he always stays in his office when you are over or something. LOL He detests dancing, which I just can't understand. With my latin blood it's really hard not to dance every chance I get. I have a hard time holding back at weddings, and then had to hold back because my hubby was grouchy and wouldn't even condone a line dance. He's retarded... I told him I'm going to get a gay boytoy to just go out dancing with! :D