My Baby is Broken!!

Lastnight I headed out to the Jax Shoot Club monthly meeting. I missed the last one and this one was SUPER close to my house which is always a plus!!

I load up my medium format cameras and my primary camera and debate on taking my backup camera you know, just in case.... Well it's RARE that I have equipment troubles so I said nahhh I'll just leave this other stuff home..... Wrong-o!!!

I get there get ready to shoot and the first image I shoot is fine but when I look through my view finder it's BLACK! I almost had a cow, not knowing what was wrong with my camera I take off my lens and find that my mirror inside has come off!!! and since I had neglected to bring my backup camera I ended up being the lighting girl for Tara lastnight.... which turned out super cool... it's been a while since we worked together, and it was nice being a team again lastnight!

So, here is my one test shot that I got lastnight! LOL