Sweetest Thing

Friday I delivered Kelly and Brad's album to them. Honestly I'm in awe of the album. It was my first Finao order and all I can say is WOW.... it was HUGE they ordered an 11x14 album and it was simply stunning!!!

Kelly being the sweetheart she is knew that I'd be dying to hear what she had to say about the album (since I delivered it to Brad and told him I have to know what her reaction is cause I didn't want to give the book up!) Kelly sent me this via my Facebook fan page:
"My first reactions to our wedding album: "Holy crap it's HUGE!" followed by "Aww, it's eco-friendly..." followed by lots of gasping and staring over and over and over. It is the most AMAZING thing I have EVER SEEN! Thank you for making this so magical!!"

Here are the pages of their album: