My Tangled Web

Yesterday I attended and photographed a family wedding. In all honesty I didn't want to do it, my cousin (groom) hasn't exactly done right by me in the past year. I had this Honda that my uncle purchased for me, very very dear to my heart seeing how we lost him not even a year after the purchase, I decided to sell it to my dear cousin who was just getting to driving age. Well, long story short (and my family would kill me for airing dirty laundry) 6 months or so later I get the car back in very very very bad shape. So yesterday while I shoot his wedding Wes worked on "the Honda" cause I intend to use it as a work car. (better on gas than the stang) sooo when I got done with the wedding I went to my grandmothers house where he was working on the car.... and this was the scene....


Now I name this post my tangled web because the guy under the car is my highschool boyfriend and ex-Fiancé, the center in red would be my hubby, and the guy on the right is my brother!!! Talk about your strange situations!!!