My First Bar Mitzvah

Feb 16th I had the honor of photographing a Bar Mitzvah for the first time in my career. When I met with Josh's mother last October she brought me sample photos from her first son's Bar Mitzvah and asked if I had photographed one before. I told her no, and she went over everything that would be expected and asked me to come up with a custom package for her. I came home went over how many hours I'd be needed, what she wanted album wise etc etc... I was very very nervous naturally, I had never done one before and this is a huge deal in a child's life! Mom emailed me back saying she would take the offer I had given her and signed the contract.

Even up to the day of the event I was nervous, but the day went off with out a hitch... All accept the fact that I was STARVING when I arrived at the Synagogue, silly me worried about being late left my house AN HOUR before I needed to be there (just to be safe) and only stopped to get a coffee on my way... When I knew that I wanted Chick-fil-a! Mom had offered to let me stay for the whole ceremony since I had never seen one before. But, my hungry behind had to go get some food as soon as the formals were done.

I have a release for the photos from the bar mitzvah but I'm only going to post one up here... it's my fav from the day and I feel it's the most powerful and speaks mountains about the Jewish tradition....