2008 Election

I'm glad the election is over... if I'm honest. And while I'm being honest, I stood in my little booth yesterday staring at the president category for over five minuets... I think it was a tough choice and a tight race (as far as the popular vote goes, and last time I checked) I watched the concession and acceptance speeches on youtube this morning, and WOW that was a powerful speech! Obama sure has a way with words and carisma. He says some very inspiring things and I hope that for the sake of our country that what he says is truly his heart and will be the direction he takes the country in his term as president.

Yesterday as I stood in the booth running my pen above all the bubbles I knew that the outcome had been decided long before I walked into the building to cast my vote, I've paid attention to the polls afterall... I prayed in my booth held up my finger and asked God to guide it... You know like you do in school before you christmas tree your exams... Figured it was worth a shot, lol. I really did do it but that admission was thrown in for humor sake... I made an informed decision, I believe I voted for a good man, win or lose...

I don't discuss politics and who I voted for or didn't vote for, I'm not here to debate...

I really really hope that Obama is the man the country thinks he is. Either way... I really hope that this works out well... I hope that the country does change and grow in a good way. I've seen posts this morning about people crying their eyes out in Joy lastnight, and people basically bowing down to the oh powerful Obama... and well frankly folks, that scares me a bit, I don't think that it's alltogether healthy for there to be a cult like following after the man. Singing songs of his praise, and things of that nature... He's just a man for goodness sake, and no man is perfect in the least!!

I suppose that now only time will tell how things will unfold. I'm excited to be part of history. I read in a blog today "isn't it weird to think we are alive in a time that children of the future will read about in their history books" or something of that nature. And it is exciting, I happen to really like change and I think this country needs one big time! (and no matter who was elected, we need to heal what has been broken)

However, there were record amounts of people out there voting! Which is good, that means people are being proactive about their futures!


JEZZIKAzart Photos & Design said...

I agree. It was hard for me to decide who I wanted to vote for. I also think you're right when you say it's unhealthy to praise a man like that. LOL Just ridiculous I swear. I do hope though that Obama does stand behind his words and makes a change for the better. Lord knows this country needs it.

BH said...

I am SO glad it is over too.

The media continues to analyze and analyze....on and on.

Now Michelle O needs to pick a dress for the inauguration. Maybe she will call Rachael Zoe? ;) Nah...she does pretty well on her own, don't you think?

Jess Cumbie said...

I'm sure the white house has a stylist on payroll just incase she can't decide! LOL From what I've seen she's always dressed really nice and the family is very polished :)