Leah & Daren Sneak Peak

Sunday, the day after the longest day Tara and I have ever put in together, we drove down to Merritt Island, FL for Leah and Daren's E-Session.

Honestly this is the most fun couple I've shot in a while... Daren made faces at the camera and the two of them were playful and cute! It was worth the drive, not to mention Cocoa Village was super cute and great to shoot in for a change of pace from J-ville! :D

The shop where Daren got her ring! :D
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Leah emailed me and asked if I could make one of her sneak peak shots one her Mom could put in the news paper :D
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This one was actually THEIR IDEA!!!! well it was a joke at first, but we loved it!!! and said YEAH lets do it!!!! So fun!!!! I love it!!!!
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More to come!!!


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