If you've been following my twitter and myspace updates you'll know that Wes and I got a fish tank for christmas. His Aunt in GA didn't want hers anymore and said if we wanted it we were welcome to it. So, while Wes was visiting his family in GA he brought the tank back. We debated about setting it up and going through all the trouble of keeping it up and buying fish, etc etc etc... or selling it on craigslist....

Well we decided to keep it, and it's really a very pretty addition to our living room. Aunt Trisha gave us a 55 galon tank, the stand, two filters, two large bubble stones, water conditioners, nets, the vacume hose thingie, and even tank ornaments! (Greek/Roman style no less!!! so pretty!!!)

So all we had to do was buy any other ornaments we wanted, rocks, and some fish. We decided we'd try it and if they all died or got to be too much to keep up with we'd sell the thing... Well it's been a coupel of weeks now, our first batch of fish from Wal-Mart half of them died... such a mistake getting them from Wal-Mart... and of course we didn't keep the receipt, and you can't just take dead fish back to the store!

Yesterday, we headed to petsmart, we had rebates back from AT&T from the recent phone purchases we had to make and all sorts of changes we did to the account... anyway, we got some tank ornaments that we wanted and some more fish! The tank is really pretty and so far we love it! that could change when it comes time to clean it for the first time but we'll see.. :)

Here are some photos of our tank:

our super cool ruins...

the coral hiding spots we got yesterday

the Coliseum my fav

the really pretty pink coraly stuff & the statue, my second fav

And here is our whole set up thus far

Oh yeah... and then there's the three angel fish that are likely going to need new homes when they start to grow up cause we didn't know that they were semi aggressive when we got the first one and we got two more yesterday like idiots! so I may have a tank in my office soon with pretty little Angel fish in there so they don't eat our cute little neon tetras!


Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Pretty!! I'm having to put a screen divider down the middle of my tank to keep my cichlids from fighting! They are really interesting fish, but such a pain sometimes.