Goals for 2009

Note, not resolutions... these are goals I want to meet...

1. Follow my diet so I can get healthy, not super skinny or anything like that just healthy. I'd like to have a much better health report by December of this year. (see if it were a resolution I'd want to be in a bathing suit by my birthday which is in June, but I know myself and that's so not going to happen)

2. I never again want to go through this nightmare I'm having with Quick Books. It's my goal in 2009 to be a meticulous book keeper.

3. To keep my office tidy, clean is a stretch cause again, I know myself... so tidy will work much better

4. Organize myself and my business (kinda ties in one two and three)

5. Spend more time out of my office

So those are really the top 5... I don't want to overload myself with goals for the year... LOL I'm sure there are others but these are the big things!