Priscilla is one of my clients, she's a girl that is near and dear to my heart... this morning I needed to go through my desk drawers to clear out some space. (See I'm trying to be more organized this year I say this as tomorrow being 3-1 and I haven't even entered Jan's stuff into quickbooks yet, but I'm STILL waiting on my tax guy, totally another topic) As I'm going through my drawers looking for things I can clear out I see stuff from the 2007 Jacksonville Pet Expo... it was my first time ever doing any photos on the spot. I set up there in a really big booth and took pet portraits for people. (I also unknowingly met Scarlett Lillian there for the first time she walked by my booth and told me she was a photographer too and that it was such a cute idea!)

I had just started my business and had done a session or two for Priscilla and she agreed to come help me out (I think Leslie Anne came too) She helped me drag things in from my car, and set up the booth, true manual labor. I know that Priscilla sat there for like 12 hours at my booth helping to organize people that wanted photos done, and talking to customers at the booth, promoting my services and all that stuff... it was a total mess those two days!! I remember us trying to figure out how to put the baby play pen together that I had for my puppies!! (and it totally kicked both our butts!!!!!) such good times!

I can't believe that Feb marks a two year anniversary that I've known Priscilla and she's such a great girl... She is much younger than me but over the past two years I've gone to her with issues I've had and asked her for prayer and I know she's done the same with me... A couple of weeks ago we sat down at the starbucks in the landing just to catch up a bit... She's such a sweet girl and so near and dear to my heart...

I came across some photos of dogs that I intend to put with all my other "older prints" (I hardly ever throw anything away, I guess I can thank my Grandmommy for that) and when I pulled out the dog photos there was one that had miss-printed and on the back of it Priscilla had taken it and written my name in cute letters and written down the prices for all that I had offered today and we used that as a sign for people passing by so they would know the pricing on the prints... The letters are so cute! and I just got to thinking about how thoughtful she is, even two years ago and I wanted to write something public about it. So I can tell her and everyone else that reads this that she is truly one of the nicest people I know and I <3 her!