watching j*

She's soooo cute! She just got asked the question...

"How do you feel about people copying your poses?"

The basis of the answer was that people can't really copy anyone else, there isn't anything that hasn't been done before, and it is what it is... (very true, and I think we should stop concentrating on "copycats" or whatever you like to call them and just focus on ourselves and our own work, if the clients love it and they love you then woohoo! why worry about this stuff, it's negative sweat like my momma would say, LOL)

She also mentioned something about doing poses inspired by renaissance portraits and I think even mentioned drawings on cave walls, and it's not like we are "copying" the cave drawings, etc etc...

So, are there any truly unique poses out there?

I'd love to know your thoughts
(and I'm aware that this is a loaded question and I have NO idea if this will be good bad or just informative)


Anonymous said...

she's awesome! and she had a wonderful answer :D

BH said...

Children have the wonderful uncanny ability to be so absorbed in the “now” that they usually don’t really need to be “posed”. I really love portraiture of children in the outdoors, so self absorbed in what they are doing, that they don’t even realize that you are taking the picture. Swingsets, merry go rounds, playgrounds, etc. make a great setting. It is a wonderful natural thing. Pets are also great natural subjects. :) Mother’s day is coming up in May (hint hint). ;) Start snapping!

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

Bottom line, people don't "blog stalk" for no reason. If they aren't there trying to "keep up with the Joneses", aka see what the "competition" is up to, they are there for inspiration because they respect and admire your work.

Another bottom line, duh-thing in this industry is either you view other photographers as your competition and always worry yourself with who did what shot better and nanny-nanny-boo-boo scenarios, and there is the category of photographers that appreciate the fellowship and camaraderie and fuel their love for their work with the knowledge and inspiration they gain from observing others that are willing to teach unselfishly (as in Jasmine Star).

I don't see any reason to let it bother me if I see another photographer use a similar pose or location. Lord knows it's been done before and it will always happen. No sense in letting my blood pressure rise over it! If it's going to upset me, seeing another pose or location that I've done in the past, I simply won't subscribe to such blog and won't look at it. Then again, there are those "bottom feeders" as well, that just crave keeping up with the nasty side of the business and feeding their own egos versus forgetting all that crap and delivering what the CLIENT really wants to see. They don't pay you for your ego and because you wear this biggest set of blog-stalkin-balls around town, I promise, they pay you because they saw something in your work that they like and appreciate. As far as stealing locations, the way I see it, locations are either public property or private property. You either use them freely or you grow the balls to use the ones you aren't supposed to, and I don't think anyone should be getting upset over that except the sheriff's office or property owners, and only in that case if something is disturbed or destroyed.