Revisiting My 1st Jacksonville Bridal Photography Session

wow that's a long title... I hate thinking up titles... but I hear it helps in Google searches? LOL

Anyway, Liz has pretty well opened her shop for Couture Wedding Designs and asked me for some photos... Well I had forgotten that I had a couple of large prints from the expos I attended in like 2007!! LOL and one of my all time favorite bridal shots was from my first real "mock" bridal session.

When I started my business I knew I couldn't just say.... "hey I do a pretty good job at this photo taking thing but I've got nothing to show you... BUT I promise I'm good" so I started nagging friends to either get into a wedding dress that I purchased or one of their own....

Krystal volunteered to wear a dress that I purchased from e-bay (and that my bride Donna later purchased for her own wedding) Anyway, this loooong email is to show you this.....

My fav bridal shot!!!!!