Again, I have the coolest job!!!!

When Jennifer with the San Marco Magazine asked Wes and I if we were interested in doing a food article for the mag we of course said yes!!! Not are Wes and I huge foodies that sit and watch the food network for entertainment almost nightly, it was a big part of our attraction to one another and also part of our first date even! We love going to new restaurants (well ones we haven't been to before) or just frequenting (when the budget allows) some of our favs in town.

Among those favs are Bistro Aix, Biscotti's, and BB's... along with a few others but those are def the top three! Jennifer secured 4 establishments for us to photograph and "taste" and among them were Matthew's Market which I've been wanting to try and Bistro Aix! Not only did she secure a time for me to be there to shoot, she also secured us actually meeting Chef Tom Gray for the shoot! Wes was like a kid in a candy store when I told him that!!

I know, I know... we are a bit dorky... meeting a local celeb Chef being the highlight of our month... possibly the coolest thing we've done all year is a bit geeky I'll admit but Chef Tom was awesome! Not only can me the man cook... he's a super nice guy! He sat and talked with us on how the meal was prepaired, some cute childhood stuff, even brought us the seasonal "tart" for us to taste.... It was nothing less than my fav Peach Cobbler!!!!! I was so excited that I completely forgot to take a photo of it!!!!

Here is a the photo of Chef Tom that will be in the magazine...


Look for these and other photos in the new addition of the San Marco Magazine... out late September!




Mel said...

I'm not sure what kind of sandwich is in that last photo... but I totally want to eat it! It looks absolutely delicious!

Amanda said...

MMMM. Yummy. Photos look great. I'm so hungry now! lol!