Blogging just to blog, imagine that... Everyone is blogging about Fey coming... and well I'm rather angry with Fey cause I think she might mess my upcoming Engagement Shoot... My couple is pretty upset too! Our location might not be available after that date either! So crappy!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be alright for our shoot Friday AM... maybe Fey won't arrive till the afternoon!

In other news, my right arm feels like it's about to fall off... I can barely move it above my head (which makes getting dressed a challenge) it sucks! Oh and best of all, haha it's because of a video game. Some silly Smash Blocks game or whatever it's called for the Wii.... We rented it the other night when my brother Josh came over, the three of us played then Wes and I played till like 11pm that night!!! And for those of you who know my "in bed by nine" hubby that's late for him! We really enjoyed it though! LOL

I've done quite a bit of work for the magazine here lately too, there will be three articles two in San Marco Mag and one in the Beaches Mag that will showcase my work so if you live in either area please pick it up and check it out... Beaches Magazine will again feature one of my photos on the cover! which is very cool! Wes makes his food critique debuet in the San Marco Mag this month! We had such an awesome time. We went back to Bistro Aix a few nights ago just to have a date night and saw Chef Tom again, and he actually remembered us! We are such dorks, I know!!

OHHH Speaking of being a dork. Rockstar Photographer Scarlett Lillian held a contest this past week, the winner gets a free blog design by flosites! Sooo, Tara and I entered LOL I guess this means I should show you our photos... neither of us won, no huge surprise there, but Tara's was awesome AND we spent like 2 hours makign her sign!!!! ugh... I really expected her to be a contender but, Scarlett opened up the contest to all photos not just her favs so it was like a popularity race in the end, but we had fun...and this photo is super cute!!! Seeee!!!

I swear we don't need that much mental help! hahaha!!!!

I've got some new and exciting news coming up through the end of the year, Tara and I are super excited about it and just hoping everything works out as planned... I'll announce it all Jan 1st if it all goes as planned, if not then this you'll know it didn't! hahahaha...

So for now... lets hope that Fey doesn't mess up my Friday, or that we can get another date going if it does, maybe Monday.... Anne just doesn't want to be rained on... which I can understand not everyone wants rain in their photos but sometimes like in Jenny's case it works for the better!!!

I'll also be posting up photos soon of Wes and Toby that are going in the Beaches Magazine article :)