Anticipating Will

Little Will is almost here! Aug 15th he will grace us with his presence... Will is being born into a HUGE extended family, but his immediate family is pretty cool. In fact his immediate family is part of who I count in my immediate family. Lydia Will's Mom wanted a couple of belly photos and a couple of cute black and white photos of big sister Sydney kissing baby Will. Sooo cute! She wanted the traditional black and white style of photos with spots of color. My dear cousin Billy lent us a hand... and that was just about all we could get out of him was his hand, lol. I did get one photo of them standing together where he wasn't making faces or make believe humping poor Lydia. Sometimes I'd like to claim my relation is to her and not the other way around! LOL but I love them both, I do however love Syd more than either of them but I think they would both be pretty ok with that statement, she's truly something else...

Here's a slideshow of the photos... including some outtakes.... my family folks: