Just A Teaser

Next year I have an awesome wedding coming up in Orlando that I'm soooo stoked about. Anna's family is a lot like mine Disney Vacation Club members, spending a few weekends a summer at Disney, like a second home stuff like that... That's how my family was and still is really! Look at the Fay thing when they got diverted to Orlando we stayed on Disney property, LOL!

Anyway Anna has a beautiful wedding planned at the Grand Floridian, and Tara and I are stoked about our vacation.... I mean Anna's wedding!

I'm not anywhere done with editing their session but I thought this one photo was kinda sweet. A lot of couples have a hard time making out with a photographer and assistant watching them intently but Anna and DJ didn't care at all! Which is great! I love it when a couple can get all PDA for their photos...

I think we might have shot their session on the hottest day of the year and darn Fay messed up all our plans for our first location but it all worked out!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of their session, it's not my fav... it's my second fav... I'm saving my fav for the full post about these two :)



Tara, NFC Photography & Makeup Design said...

Mmmm luscious greens....

And I can't wait for vacation! I mean their wedding! Honestly, I have just as much fun doing both. ;)

Mary Marantz said...

do you know I have never been to Disney World. never! what kind of childhood was that?? :) :)

what a super cute couple! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


Wilson Photography said...

Grand Floridian....LUCKY!!! :)

Jess Cumbie said...

Tara - I think I wanna go to sea world with the new lens and to use our last day of park hopper pass but I need a house sitter first... :D

Mary - never been to disney!!! OMG what a horrible childhood!!! anytime you wanna go you just let me know! LOL

Jess - Yeah I know... I'm sooooo stoked!