Encouragement When I Really Need It....

So... I've been a little down and out lately... a few of my closest friends have had to listen to me throw essentially a pitty party for the past couple of days... but this email from a potential bride lifted my spirits!!!

I think I found who I am looking for......And YOU'RE the one, I have looked all over for a photographer who has a sense of style and has a portfolio as well put together as your is. I have a passion for photography as well so I too have that eye to capture something simple and make it beautiful.

I will talk with my fiance and let you know what he thinks, but in my honest opinion I would love for you to take our wedding pictures.

Starts out like she's about to let me down, and instead she gives me a huge high compliment! I'm in a much better mood now :D

Lets just hope her fiance goes for it!!! :D


*~ Jane ~* said...

THAT IS AWSOME!!!! Such a great compliment!