Sex In The City... errr I mean San Marco...

As the world knows Friday was the premier of Sex in the City on the big screen. My pal Scarlett Lillian posted a blog about going to see it and I opted to jump on the band wagon with her and her girls (already knew two of the other girls going Kenzie and Cory)

However, the tickets for the 9:50 and the 10:30 showing were both sold out by the time I made my way around to getting them. Which was likely a good thing I was a bit sleepy anyway and wanted to completely chill before Ashley's wedding the next day...

We headed out to BB's which is one of my fav restaurants had cosmos

($12 for a super strong drink that I pretty well only ate the sugar stick out of!) but well worth it when you consider the company and great food!

And due to my strict rule about being behind the camera not in front of it, I opted to take photos of the girls after dinner doing the sex in the city walk, in the middle of the street :D We got honked at a time or two but again... well worth it!!!!

Scar made a slideshow of the photos taken that night, there are a couple of me... We had such a great time, I'm not all that girly but I really enjoyed my night out with these divas!!!!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

FUN TIMES!!! Bummer that you didn't get the ticket on time :-( Next time, riight??!! ;-D

I just posted about our fun GNO in my blog this morning ;-)