Lack of Blogging

I feel like I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!! and for that I'm sorry! I realized the other day that I post like 2+ bulletins a day on MySpace... and I suppose instead of posting them there I could blog all those silly thoughts and sneak peaks... of course most of the people that subscribe here are on my friends list there... but what about the rest of the world that sees my website and wants to view my samples.... Hmmmmm might start double posting my thoughts and ramblings on both... :D

That being said I'm pulling up my latest bulletins and posting them here... :P

May 27th, sneak peak from Donna and Ricky's wedding on the 24th... one of my favs!!! the cross in that church was amazing!!!!

May 29th... subject that's kinda hard for me to talk about...

OK, I typically don't let people I don't know deep into my world, and seeing how I'm about to send this to like 500+ people it's a bit hard for me.

I'd like for you all to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

My health is becoming an ever present issue in my life. I've been borderline diabetic for years and I'm getting more and more signs of being full blow diabetic. Obviously I want to keep it under control but that means the biggest thing I've battled with all my life, my weight, has to change and get under control.

Sooo I'm cutting almost all carbs, and having NO carbs at dinner, I somehow need to find the motivation to go to the gym but I need a gym partner, LOL

So if you will all just kinda say a little prayer for me, my Dr. wants to see a difference in weight by July 1st when my appointment is... So I've got to get on the ball!


May 31st, Holy Momma-cita....

I swear I've been busier this week than I have been in a long time.

I seriously haven't had this much going on since Feb when everyone was wanting to do v-day photos!

I had a wedding Sunday that was about 9 hours... and fun!!! then didn't really get to rest the next day I did photos of a photog friend of mine for her website.

Then every day this week I have had something going on!!! I had two wedding consultations (keep your fingers crossed for me!!!) Lunch dates and dinner dates and things around the house. Computer issues (had a virus) so I had to spend most of the week backing up files instead of editing.

:( but I didn't want to lose any photos to some stupid virus and I was behind on my backing up of files anyway so this really killed like 3 birds with one stone, saved my photos, computer is safer now (although I'm still having issues with firefox) and my photos are 90% all backed up! yay!!!!

I'm prepping for my wedding tonight, with a nice restful day (might even nap in a bit just because it's a late wedding) Donna's wedding photos should be done next week as well so i can start working on Ashley's....

I had a client complain about the color saturation in some photos that had been edited so I need to do a re-edit of those to make sure they printer is printing to the correct specifications, I mean things shouldn't be neon, bright yes and colorful yes but they shouldn't print neon.

So I have a busy week next week as well... and my fun boy meets girl photoshoot Saturday!!! unless I kill my brother for going to NYC with out me this weekend (thats where he is right now!! he sucks!!!!!) I think I found a girl for the shoot, yay!!! it should be soo much fun... I need to get with Emily, Tara's friend to find out how to make the comic strip stuff I think this shoot would look neatas a comic book story... you know me always trying new things!!!

Ok well I'm off to my nap... or at least a good romantic movie, to get me in the mood!!!!

And finally... June 1st, my sneak peak from Ashley's wedding Saturday...

Share one of my fav photos from yesterday!!! This couple, they are so sweet, and so cute...

Now before I post the photo I have to tell you that I sat on the floor going through all the photos from the wedding, and this one made my bottom lip poke out! So I turn to my husband and say... "Honey (in that dramatic, this is he most wonderful thing ever tone) look at this photo, I love it!!"


So I turn the camera around to let him view the photo, which I love and he says to me what's so special about the bright white light in the corner....

This folks is why we are not a husband and wife photography team.

I thank my lucky stars for Tara!

OOOOOK I think that's about it.. and most all of you should be caught up now... I debated on posting the "health" one... I don't like getting personal with a whole bunch of strangers but, I expect my clients to be open and real with me, how can I expect that if I'm not willing to give it...