Coolest Phone Call Tonight

Wes has been urging me to stop taking phone calls after 5pm so that I have "business hours" and only to do business between 9am and 5pm. Well that's next to impossible seeing how I do A LOT of business on MySpace and most people don't get off work and onto myspace until 5pm. So I do try to curb what I do online and on the phone in the evenings so that I can be a "wife" LOL... Tonight around 6:20 I received a phone call from this delightful lady who was calling for her soon to be sister in law. I debated a little on answering and just letting the voice mail get it, but I'm really really glad I didn't!

Apparently her stb sister in law had a really bad experience with a photographer on the phone (which I hear happens a lot, and I don't understand but that's another blog) and was a little tentative about calling wedding vendors afraid of the same result. Which is very understandable... then again I won't go to the grocery store alone unless I absolutely have to!!!

The girl on the phone went on to explain how she had sent her stb sister in law many photographers websites to review, and that her soon to be sister in law only really liked mine! I got teary!!! That just means so much, and it's so humbling, and honoring! I couldn't believe it. We went on to talk for the next little bit. We talked about how we both read Scarlett Lillian's blog and just love her to death. It was a very very good conversation! I felt like I had known this girl my whole life! I can't wait to meet them! Both the caller and the soon to be sister in law!

I'm glad I don't go by those "business hours" rules, but to my hubby's defense they do have their place on some days. :)


Shores Photography said...

don't you just love those! you deserve it! you're amazing!!! I can't wait til monday!!!!

Jen said...

Aww!! You are sweet Jess! I look forward to meeting you!