God's Watching Over Me

Yesterday I had a group of ladies scheduled to take some Valentines Day photos for their husbands, or future husbands. I've been excited about this since I first decided to run the special. I got a great group of girls thanks to my November bride Heather that decided to tell all the "knotties" about the session. For those of you who don't know, theknot.com provides a message board for brides. Within this message board there are local forums as well as national forums, and the people that post on the forums are called "knotties"

Heather informed all the "knotties" of my special for Valentines Day and a group of great gals contacted me and scheduled their day. A makeup artist friend of mine also joined in on the fun for the day and did the ladies makeup. So, this was a pretty good little event for me. Up until the night before nothing major had gone wrong to foil any plans, and lets face it something always goes wrong when I'm excited about something.

Low and behold the night before the shoot an assistant (another photographer) told me that her husband had surprised her and her son with tickets to the Circus and she was not going to be able to make it. Typically this would not be an issue but she had the STUDIO LIGHTS. I'm primarily an on location photographer so I have very little when it comes to a studio set up. I have back drop stand, some minor lights and a good flash that's about it! My photographer friend offered me many solutions to the issue at hand and the only feasible one seemed to be building diffusion panels, and using some really strong lights.

Saturday morning, Wes and I frantically ran around Jacksonville getting PVC pipe and material to build these panels. By the time we got to JoAnne's we were both already tired and ready for the day to be over. It was around 11AM, my photo shoot was to start at 3PM. I went inside JoAnne's fabrics and asked where I could find my material and told the lady I needed 6 yards, but by the looks of it there wasn't six yards to be had. The woman went on with measuring out the material first there was a one yard remnant, and my heart just sunk! Then she began pulling the material one yard at a time... We got to 4 yards and she was still turning out more material... I couldn't believe my luck there was exactly 6 yards of material after that remnant!!!!! I looked at my husband and said to him God is watching over my project today!!!

Praise Him!


Mary Marantz said...

that's so awesome!! i love stories like this when things work out just as you need them to!


Jess Cumbie said...

Thanks Mary... it was truly a mini miracle!!