Two Weddings One Couple

This weekend I had a wedding consultation w/a woman that is going to get to have TWO weddings!! Most brides have a hard time planning one much less two, and the two are completely different. She's American and having a traditional American wedding, he's Indian and his family is giving them a traditional Indian wedding..... IN INDIA!!!!!

Indian weddings are so very colorful if you've never seen one you should google some photos!! That type of colorful wedding is right up my alley. Who knows maybe they will fly me over to photograph their second wedding too!!! How exciting would that be!!! I wonder how long it takes to get a passport, cause lil ole me has never been out of the good ole US of A. :D


kimberly said...

It takes about 6 weeks, but for an extra $50 or so you can rush it (2-3 weeks).

Jess Cumbie said...

WOW! that's not bad, if she says yes I can get one by July!!! woohoo!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up but that would be AWESOME!!