Time to Get Back to Work

Not my favorite time of year that is for sure. Jacksonville is having record colds right now and it's flippin freezing! I've had the pleasure of working on end of the year stuffins for the business. This is my first year doing business taxes and getting all that stuff together. My CPA is going to hate me, cause I'm a tad neurotic and I'm going to have a ton of questions about the process and what is needed. But I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be to horrible of an experience, or that I haven't mucked things up too much. I had good holidays, I always have New Year's dinner at my Aunt's house. Cornbread, pork roast, black eyed pees, and greens are the staple on the first day of the year every year. For those of you not from the south this is some kind of tradition greens are for money, black eyed peas for health there are more but those are the only two I remember.

I've also been working on my website which should be done in the next few days. 2007 was not a good year for the site, I made one myself which confirmed the fact that I need to take photos and leave the other design work to professionals. It went from a one page ad type photo, to a horrible thing I created, a friend of mine even had a hand in it and well it's just was never what I wanted it to be. Sleek professional and stylish. So, I finally broke down and hired a company to create the site. It's been about a month coming and I got the final today and there are still a couple of changes to be made before it goes live but I'm super excited. It's waaaay different than it was before but it's very feminine, dark, and stylish! I'm really liking it. I still have to choose photos for galleries and things of that nature but all in all I'm happy with it.

I'm also putting forth a huge effort in blogging more. I've been told that these things wrack in readers and customers so I'm hoping it's true. Not that blogging is a bad idea but you hear horrible things on the news about people being tracked down and bad things happening to them all because they made themselves too available on the internet. So, one of my many resolutions for this year is to get better at updating this. I also have to apologize I posted that I would have Christmas photos up here soon and all this stuff was "coming" and then I never delivered and I'm very very sorry. The photos did make it to the MySpace account so if anyone feels really frisky they can find them there...

OK I think that's about enough rambling and updating for now... I'll have a blog in no time about the site when it's up and running... and I've got some new couples photos to post, and also some band photos to post so, I've got to get back to work!