9/24/08 Can't Resist

The ball for our new boutique studio is really rolling... The studio name is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE..................... Breaking Tradition Studio (still working on website, blog, business cards etc etc) The studio will have a "different" look to the photos, very dramatic and different from Jess Cumbie Photography's photo style.

Tara posted some sneak peaks of her photos from this past weekend, and I got jealous so I decided to post a couple of my own!

AND NOW.....

I have been sooooo busy this weekend with work and some personal things that I haven't been able to take photos for my little project so there will be two days with no photos... :(

Let me know what you think, and if you want your mug on our new site!!!!!


Amanda Register said...

Love the photos and the name. I've been trying to guess the new name. I knew the initials were BT and the only thing I could think of was Big Trouble. lol. Breaking Tradition is much better. lol.