9/9/08 I'm actually on time!!!

WOW... I'm posting this the day of... and I actually have something to talk about... nice!!!

OK my day started off with cleaning the couches, and attempting to put on new slip covers... Yeah... attempting....

This is when I started to laugh at myself and decided to get my camera.... yes our home is till a DIY work in progress.... Emma could care less as you can see... as long as her window seat is there she's happy

I decided to give up when I got it "on" but couldn't get the lines straight... I don't think our couch types are made for slip covers....

Next, I went to the post office to pick up my new toy

OK so I think maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of this than it is... but I'm the new owner of a gently used Canon 5D and holy crap am I excited about it!!!!

Look there it is... still in the box... who keeps their boxes... I have one 30D box but that's only because I knew one day I would sell one of them... Maybe that was this guys thinking too never know....
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It's all wrapped nice with bubble wrap and original packaging looking like stuff. Everything looked brand new! The instruction manuals were still in their little package... I even got 3 batteries... which I'm stoked that the 5d takes the same batteries that the 30d does so that means I have like 6 batteries!!!!!!
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Look there she is!!!!!
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TADA!!!!! My new full frame toy.... holy crap at the difference full frame makes!!!
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The man Wes got it from said used like new... this is the only thing I can see wrong with the unit....
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The first photo I took with my new camera!!!!!! lovely isn't it... yes that's a load of laundry and a car washing bucket sitting by my front door... and an ironing board.... This post will either scar people away from ever thinking I have an ounce of organization in my body or they will realize I'm terribly normal and LIVE in my home! LOL
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Next... to try out the wide angle on this baby!!!!

As stated before... I'm kinda messy... this extends into my office....
and NO I don't keep my lenses there or treat them like that I wanted to try them all out... looking through the view finder of this camera muuuuuch different than the 30D it's simply amazing!!!!!

Now I'll show you what's behind me :)

Yes my office is typically this cluttered.... Yes I know where everything is... and Yes if a fireman had to rescue me there is a path from the door right to my chair....

Cleaning my office is on next weeks agenda... I still have glitter everywhere from the spend a day with Scarlett project....

OH OH OH and one last thing.... yesterday I went to bed and had one blog follower I now have 8!!!!!

Thanks for stalking me!!!!!!


C-Span said...

Love the new camera!..and completely understand the clutter :)

Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

OK. You have cute toes, and I'm jealous because my right foot currently looks like Adam Sandler's foot in Mr. Deeds. No good.

Camera is the hotness and I can't wait to see a wedding from it!! Yay!!!

Jenny said...

You are so funny! I love getting my daily dose of YOU! And love the camera...so jealous

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Boo--you stink--hahaha---I'm super jealous of your 5D!! Haha ;-) I might as well wait for the new one... here's the link for the teaser:


Amanda Register said...

Congrats on the new camera. Can't wait to see what it can do. And I don't feel too bad about my messy office anymore. lol!

Jess Cumbie said...

C-Span - glad everyone seems to understand the clutter :D

Tara - I do like my toes... Wes says they are ugly... LOL

Jenny - don't be jealous the 30D is awesome and I'll still use mine for certain things!!!

Cory - Girl... I'll get a new one in a year or two when the price hike is better I'm sure they will be close to 3k which is retarded!!! this one was too good of a deal to pass up!!!!!

Amanda - I can't wait to do some more stuff with it... I'm not sure if anyone will notice a difference... we shall see I took my first semi real photos with it today so the only difference so far is that my CF cards hold 1/2 a much as they did with my old camera which I DO NOT LIKE!!! but what can a girl do!

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

Don't you just looooooove her????? Makes such yummy pics!!!! O and I have that same lamp!! ;)
and my office is WAY worse!! I think i have carpet in here...