09/18/08 Day-o-Stupid

So... I'm all excited about today. It's my day off, I'm having lunch with Kimberly before she becomes a Mom (any day now) we are getting pedicures and everything! I remember my camera to show you all the fun stuff from my day.... I get to chili's and my camera is acting strange.... hmmm what's up with this...

**back story... I was half an hour late meeting Kimberly!!! Forgot to shave my legs and loads of other things!!! I took my battery out of my camera cause it was dead and laid another on my chase beside my camera to stick in there for today....

OK.... (did you guess what I forgot) I left my battery at home... so all the fun of my day and showing it off to you guys... yep right on out the window!!!!!!!

SORRY!!!! I felt like such an idget.... I have 6 batteries all of which are charged and I guess I'll have to start carrying one in my purse!!!!!

So I came home and decided to be goofy... Today was the day off and the mood around the Cumbie house has been totally chill. Which is awesome!!!!!

Oscar and Emma catching some rays in the chase
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Check out the green of those eyes!!! Emma is such a pretty cat!
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OK here goes... my boredom!
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Home alone till 8pm... what to do, what to do.....
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My Oscarbear!!!!
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My newly painted semi hot pink/red toes.... Scarlett would be proud! LOL
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yeah... booooored..... and should likely wear makeup when I go out... lordy mercy I look rough!
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What was that... over where....
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Lions, Tigers, Bears.... OH MY....
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I then decided after I had been home for 20mins taking retarded photos of myself that I would let the dogs out... little dot had to go!!!!!!
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And you know how I always complain about my dogs never doing anything fun... they won't pose won't do anything cool.. all they want to do is love all over people... which is fine but every now and then I'd like a stinkin photo!

Well Jersey, my oldest gave me a nice little show today... instead of making the blog 20 images long... I decided to use one of the silly photobucket slideshows... LOL


Tara, NFC Photography and Makeup Design said...

LOL @ Dot!!

Amanda Register said...

Holy Boobage!

Jenny said...

YOu are so funny and silly. love it

Jess Cumbie said...

Tara - yeah... dot is cute no matter what's she's doing... LOL

Amanda - yeah... that's what Wes said!

Jenny - thanks girl!

~Ash~ said...

Yeah Jess, I am with Amanda! Boobage! I just got a free show! Ha! Who needs makeup when you have those!! lol! just kidding! You are such a goof by the way!