Awesomess from a new friend

I recently asked my myspace friends to describe me.... and I just met this girl Jezzika she's a friend of Tara's and she's booked a shoot with me but it's not till next week... this is what she had to say...

Ok here it goes I wrote them all down and this is what I think describes you ....

Jess is a very Talented photographer
who is Fun to work with
She has a Great sense of Humor
Not only is her style of photography Beautiful but so is she.
Jess has a Great personality
and is very creative
and knowledgeable in what she does with her camera ;)
She is so Smart with Smart ideas
Working with Jess is Exciting
To give you great photos she is always Hard Working
and Open Minded to any ideas that you or anyone else might have. I have found her to be Truthful and honest.
Jess's style of photography is nicely Unique
and Very Styish. Her lighting and angles are very Eye Catching.


JEZZIKA said...

*gasp* I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!! lol I wrote it...haha :) I look forward to doing the shoot with you AND I look forward to any help I can provide again in the future. I had TONS of fun doing Faith's shoot! :) Oh and another thing I would like to add to that is...You are very honest in your constructive ctritasism and I LOVE that... yea i spelled that wrong I know...but WHATEVER!!! haha