9/15/08 Before and After

So not many of you know that I AM the messiest person on the planet.... and I hate to clean... yeah that about sums it up... I stay cooped up in my office chatting on myspace and facebook...

I think I'm developing agoraphobia which is bad for business!!!! But true. I find myself less and less willing to get into social situations, and anxiety getting worse and worse about them. I've literally been planning to go somewhere and broke out into tears for no good reason, couldn't calm down and had to text them to cancel. Strange! I'm pretty sure I know the cause and I'm hoping that all gets fixed starting Sept 24th... (I'll be starting a new blog about my journey with PCOS, new diet, new doctor, all the fun stuff so look out for it after that visit, hint hint, wink wink)

OK all that being said, and really I'm not crazy I swear!!!!!!! no really I swear! the voices in my head say so!!!! well.... they do.........

The combination of my laziness, anxiety, and total messiness is NOT a good combination... the fact that I'm a little OCD about editing and fast turn around time pays off for my clients but not for the state of my poor house.... So tonight.... be prepared to enter into a world almost never seen my outsiders.... My messy office!!!! that got cleaned tonight......

I had already moved a thing or two around when I decided to take photos and foolishly share this on my blog...
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I swear I didn't knock anything over for benefit of photos... LOL
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YEAH... OUT of control...
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This is Shady's "Mom what the hell are you doing" face!!!!!!
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OK now... drum roll... it's not perfect I have A LOT left to do... but I have carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that!
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Yes that's my bible there, with an excercise ball, box of business cards on my chase that doesn't get used enough... the junk behind it needs a home.... one step at a time.... or baby steps like on "what about bob"
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My most used shoes... :D
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My clean desk... complete with glass of sweet tea!!!!
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OK there you go, more glimpses into my messy, crazy, mixed up world.....


Kimberly said...

Hee:) THat's how my WHOLE HOUSE would look if it weren't for Daniel. Poor boy is becoming more and more of a neat freak to make up for my slovenliness. Which means that our house stays a low grade of mess all the time. If it were just me --> your office would be minor in comparison!

Good job:)

Jess Cumbie said...

Oh Kimberly we are twins aren't we!!!! when I lived alone I just threw everything away and started over! LOL it was HORRIBLE! I really don't know how I manage a semi successful business! I'm so scatterbrained, flaky, messy, unorganized all these words pretty much mean the same thing don't they! LOL it's BAD so I totally understand... no matter what happens we could NEVER live together it would be good for our all over health we are TOOOO much alike on sooooo many levels!

~Ash~ said...

ok so, maybe I don;t feel so bad about the crumbs under the couch now! Atleast I have 4 kids to blame that on!! lol!! You just keep up the good work on all your business stuff and we will be a OK! :}

*~ Jane ~* said...

Yep I just did the same ole' thing with my office, you just feel so much better, great job Jess!

Stacey said...

Hey thanks so much for the comment! It blessed me to no end! I'm so inspired to clean my desk off by the way. Your room looks awesome!

Penny said...

Ok so this is my second time of leaving a comment but I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that knows there is carpet under this mess...plus were redoing the masterbath and it's where my desk is right now...great times here I can see that...love your blog!