Five days in and I"m breaking my own rule! No photos tonight guys... I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, well 6 but I was in and out of sleep the whole morning... so it doesn't really even count as "restful"

Anyway, I had an event tonight it's 10:11 and we are just now walking in the door... the day was boring. No appointments of run road trips... Just a lil fight with my hubby on weather or not we would make it to Ponte Vedra Beach on time... then a lot of RV owners to take photos of :)

Sorry for the rule breaking... I'll try to at least carry my point and shoot with me tomorrow to get some shots of my day :)

OH I did get to watch the first half of the ANTM premier... still have to watch the second half!!! :D

Edit: 9/6/08 7:58am

I LIED!!!!!!!! I took some photos of my cute assistance at the event lastnight!!!!! crapola! how could I have forgotten these!!!!

The side of Wes no one gets to see... but me and the Zebra apparently!
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Josh and Paris...
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My Sponsors for the Event... If I'd have known it was a bank I'd have charged more!!!! LOL
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My two assistants, boy oh boy how true this photo is....
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that's also where the RV people sat me to do the photos... If I had it to do over again I'd have done them a little differently but I think that with every photo shoot... I mean they sat us in front of Italy... can't go wrong there!!!